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14. 09. 09
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Please do not be in a hurry to write off your debts before you try us.

We introduce the Kenya School of Credit Management, an Institution of its kind in Kenya whose inception was as result of public outcry on private and public Institutions’ lack of proper Credit/Debt Management and Collections.

The school offers career development, short courses on Credit Management, Credit consultancy and physical collection of debts.

We would wish to extend our unique services to your organization, which we believe would greatly improve your cash flow and reduce the escalation of bad debts. Please contact us for further details.DEBT MANAGEMENT SERVICES 2018.doc


Are you a landlord or a landlady?

Do you have head aches in dealing with your tenants?

Does your tenant pay rent in time?

Do you incur extra costs chasing your tenants?

I am sure these are some things that can ring a bell in your mind as a landlord/lady

In response to the market demands the Kenya School of Credit Management has extended its services to include estate management.

 Please talk to us and we shall off load you the burden of rent collection at a very reasonable fee


 Are you intending to take a loan and you are worried that you will not be able to pay up to the end?

You are not sure the amount of loan you can be able to bite at once?

You are not sure where to borrow and why?

Please talk to us and we shall help you